Bombs Away!!


By Thomas Philip Loughlin


Imagine loving Hip-Hop so much that every breath depends on it. You wake up every morning with your headphones on and while they cut off the blood supply to your ear, you still nod your head in time to the beat. An urge overwhelms you. You roll over, fumbling for a pen, paper, anything to write down last night’s dreams, last night’s rhymes. You dream in rhythm.


After the first verse, you remember your partner-in-rhyme. “Yo. You awake? Let’s get started.”
This is how Bombs Away!! starts their day. Every day.

Bombs Away!! is the gritty, hard-hitting, musically-charged philosophical brainchild of MC Flownase, 19, and his left hand man – The Left Hand Man (LHM), 18, a.k.a. Alka-Seltzer Plus a.k.a. The LiveWire a.k.a. President Bill Pimpin a.k.a. The Chicken of the Sea, etc. al.

Born and raised in Eugene, Flownase and The-Meanest-Word-Doctor-To-Ever-Walk-The- Planet-On-Two-Feet (LHM) have never left these mean Eugene streets. They’ve never needed to. Everything they are, everything they ever will be, is the ten-block radius known as Downtown Eugene.

“Metaphorically, my rhymes take me places you couldn’t even go on an airplane. Why leave Eugene when you can ride my rhymes to infinity. Lyrically speaking,” Flownase said.

Silky neon jackets leftover from the ‘80s are the duo’s daily uniforms. Sunglasses complete their look.

“Does a fish stop swimming in the ocean even when it gets cold out?” Flownase responded when asked about wearing shades on a cloudy day. “Our jackets were immaculately concepted. We were born with them on.”

After dressing, Bombs Away!! ventures out in search of breakfast. The Pita Pit, a local restaurant that serves any type of pita imaginable, is the duo’s first stop and home-base. It’s also directly across the street from the Downtown Eugene Bus Station, Bombs Away!!’s turf and battleground.

“We weren’t handed the station. We had to work for it. It’s like’a, a championship heavyweight boxing belt,” President Bill Pimpin (LHM) said.


Bombs Away!! was born the day when the duo realized they couldn’t spit a wack verse even though they tried. Lefty styles (LHM) was savoring his first bite of the first Pita Pit pita of the day, and said, “Oh wow yum.”

“Wassup, let me get some,” Flownase responded.

“Hold on, wait ‘til I’m done,” MC Spontaneous-Reiteration (LHM) said. “Aight then, thanks man,” Flownase said.
“No prob-lam. Bam! Pow! Wassup now?” Alka Seltzer Plus (LHM) said.

“It’s like I’m a little puppet and Hip-Hop is my ventriloquist,” Lefty (LHM) said when I inquired about his life as a lyricist. He stared intently, concentrating as though my face contained the meaning of life.

“When I look at you, I don’t see your face. I see a shape-like place, surrounded by lyrics. I love Hip-Hop,” The Left Hand Man said.

Although the two have been rapping for over ten years, they recorded their first song on President Bill Pimpin’s (LHM) birthday three weeks ago.

“We finally made enough money winning battles at the station that we could buy equipment and build a studio. We’re trying to eat as many eggs as we can to get the egg crates for the walls, you know, like in recording studios? We do our best to stay on top of our egg-game,” The LiveWire (LHM) said.

The duo have also shot two music videos, “The Blast Off” and “Blow My Mind”, and released them on the internet at, their friend’s Web site.

“The Blast Off” has the feel of an instant classic. The two trade flows over the pulsating beats laid down by Flownase, who is also the pair’s producer, and spell out their names so their fans can gain a better understanding of their inner-workings.

“If hip-hop was a girl, I’d buy her a diamond. I see all these wack MC’s and I’m flying right by them,” Flownase said.

Bombs Away!! is in the process of recording two more videos, “The Bomb Squad” and “The Do’s and Don’ts of Hip-Hop.”

“There’s a guest appearance by Tone Def the musician who drove all the way down from Junction City,” Flownase explained about “The Bomb Squad.” “We met him at the station a year ago and found out he was the best singer in Junction City. We told him if he ever came back to Eugene, find us at the bus stop and we’d cut a track.”

“It was fate that brought us together. God wants to bring together the best Hip-Hop in Eugene and the best R’nB in Junction City. It was just natural like fate,” The-Chicken-Of- The-Sea (LHM) said.

Bombs Away!! is looking forward to a long life of Hip-Hop in Eugene, and the two plan to expand their presence at the bus station across the street to the Eugene Library.
“They say the library is the foundation of education. Bombs Away!! is the foundation of

Hip-Hop. We want to fuse literary scholarships with modern day society and use Hip-Hop as the mechanism to infiltrate our tactics,” Flownase said.

You contact Bombs Away!! at